• Speaking

Giving each woman permission to be herself.

Through storytelling and a powerful and dynamic presence that comes from just being real and bearing witness to the unstoppable force that lies within each woman sitting before me, I compel the audience to replace perfection with permission. Giving each woman permission to be herself, outside of the labels, the roles and the endless cycle of chasing perfect. From a place of vulnerability, I guide each woman to HONOR all parts of herself, knowing that our imperfection is the gift that connects us all.

Each woman gets the experience of how liberating it is to unleash her bold and walk through the world confident in who she truly is.


  • Honoring the Woman in the Mirror
  • Ditching Blame and Reclaiming Your Power
  • From Perfection to Permission
  • Vulnerability as a Gift
Laura Sprinkle

Patty brought such a depth of emotion to the stage, from tears to laughter and everything in between. What an empowering talk for women, especially mothers! And anyone who has ever felt pressure to be perfect.

Amanda Korthuis

Patty had me laughing and crying, reaching the deepest corners of my heart - unlocking that secret shame - she made me feel like I’m not the only one.

Ketrena Schultz

Patty’s raw vulnerability had every mother’s head nodding in quiet recognition of the woman staring back at them in the mirror. Her story brought me to tears followed by fits of giggles. If there’s anyone in the world who can bust you out of perfection prison and help you find your way back to BEING YOU, it’s Patty. She is a magnetic empowering force of nature.

Linda Wells

Patty’s message is delivered in a way that connected with all the women in the audience. We could identify with and feel the words she used to describe her journey. So powerful! And she left us with action to take about how we can honor ourselves as we free ourselves from the bounds of perfection.