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    Unleash Your Bold

When you no longer recognize the woman staring back at you... When you finally realize that perfect isn’t real... When who you’ve always thought yourself to be doesn’t seem to fit anymore...

Who will you choose to become?

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Professional...

You wear many hats, operate from behind different masks, are duty-driven and perfection-bound, But at what cost?

When the mask gets too heavy,
Take it off, put it down, shatter it once and for all!

Let me show you how

Own Your Shift!

It All Starts With You.

Hi, my name in Patty Staco and as a Women’s Empowerment and Spiritual Life Coach, I work with women waking up to the deep inner wisdom of their true nature, waking up to the desire to define success on their own terms. Using a holistic approach based on the science-based principles of Positive Psychology and the soul igniting tools of Spiritual Psychology, I help women connect more deeply to that inner knowing so they can consciously create empowered and impactful lives from a place of authentic confidence.

Grounded in true power over force, creation over reaction and permission over perfection, you’ll learn to tap into the wellspring of unstoppable power that comes from standing in your truth and showing up in the world as YOU. When a woman forgets who she really is, I help her RE-MEMBER and from that place, she consciously begins to reclaim all parts of herself and step unapologetically into the world.

A woman remembered is UNSTOPPABLE! It’s time. Own Your Shift. Unleash Your Bold!

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible.”